Master craftsman


Our furniture pieces are all custom, built on commission.  We use our designs or yours, a collaborative design, copy period pieces or motifs and all commissions are welcome.  We work with private parties, interior designers, decorators, contractors or architects.  Several pieces of attracted the attention of museums, national television and very serious collectors.  We have donated many pieces over 30 years to causes and charitable concerns we support. Our influences have come from strong American periods like Shaker, Mission, Arts and Crafts and even Farmhouse Rustic.  We do not shy away from period pieces or modern designs.  Challenges make our craft more interesting.  View the GALLERY   

Ambrose Pollock® is a recognized artisan and a nationally trademarked furniture maker.  His pieces are located in abundance throughout the Monterey Peninsula, from coast to coast in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Central and South America, the United Emirates and Western Europe.  Pieces of his work found throughout this website have all been commissioned, the root of his business.  Please contact us to see how we may be of help to you.  

Guitar Building or Repair

Ambrose is an avid player and loves making his own instruments and doing repairs on stringed, wooden instruments.  His reputation as a fine luthier is growing.

Testimonial:  "I have collected high-end guitars and stringed instruments for many years. I have come to know the best Luthiers in California, several who have done repair and restoration work for me. Ambrose should be considered in that group. His ability to work with wood and understand the complex nuances of authentic repair is up there with the very best of them. The fact that he is a collector and player adds to his interest in providing only the highest quality of work”. 

Karl Pallastrini, Carmel, California

Woodworking Classes

We offer woodworking classes by arrangement for small groups or for individuals who have something in mind.   Our quarterly classes offered to the public are on hold at this time.  Build-It-With-Help is a satisfying, collaborative effort to help your project/idea come to fruition, with as much or as little help, materials, tools and equipment needed to complete you project within a six-day window.   The price varies depending on the project and materials.  

Testimonial:  “ I have worked with wood for a few years, mainly on art projects.  I decided to build some unique furniture with a contemporary twist.  Although I spent a lot of time developing my ideas I knew I was challenged in both ability and equipment.  Ambrose offered advise, his incredible, fully equipped wood shop along with his significant years of experience building world class custom furniture.  His good humor and easy going instruction allowed me to bring my ideas to reality.  The result was high quality, professional grade furniture.  My experience with Ambrose was great and the furniture produced is functional, beautiful and in use in our home every day.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend Ambrose to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of wood and how to properly use tools to turn it into something special”.

Lloyd Smith, Pacific Grove, California


Custom millwork is offered on a limited run basis.  We can generate moldings or arrange for custom profiles to be produced in softwoods, hardwoods, paint-grade, natural finish or unfinished.Wide belt sanding and planing services are available.   


We offer old-fashioned quality with a modern approach to constructing custom cabinets for homes, offices or institutional applications.  We collaborate with the owner/user to satisfy their design, utilitarian and aesthetic criteria.  Only the finest hardwoods, soft woods, architectural veneered panels and hardware are utilized to assure lasting service and value.  We do not use M.D.F. (medium density fiberboard) or particleboard.  All finishing is done in-house including a plethora of specialized applications.  Sample finishes are provided with commissioned pieces.