Fine Homebuilding HOUSES

The cover of the magazine is devoted to the kitchen created by Ambrose.

The follow is a list of Books, Magazines and Publications that have features about or that include Ambrose Pollock® and his creations.  

Dining Tables, Outstanding Projects from America’s Best Craftsmen, by Kim Carleton Graves with Masha Zager, Taunton Press
Monterey Bay, the Ultimate Guide from Santa Cruz to San Simeon, by Lucinda Jaconette, Chronicle Books
Monterey & Carmel, Eden by the Sea, by Kathleen and Gerald Hill, Globe Pequot 

Departures, Life at its Best, the California We Love, Published by American Express for Platinum Card and Centurion Card Members 
Fine Homebuilding, Taunton Press 
Carmel Magazine, The Lifestyle Magazine of the Central Coast, Carmel Media Group Inc. 
Homestyle by the Sea, Monterey Bay’s Home and Garden Magazine, Bay Publishing 
Monterey Peninsula Guide, Western Media Group 
Monterey Peninsula Homes, Premier Real Estate Magazine, Carmelolor Graphics  
Central Coast Adventures, in Dining, Art, Home, Wine, Shopping & Lifestyle,  Adventures in Dining 
Monterey County Magazine, Reed Silas Cripe 
Buying the Best, Carmel Publishing Company

Monterey County Herald, Gary Omernick  
Carmel Pine Cone, Paul Miller 
San Jose Mercury News, Digital First Media 
San Francisco Chronicle, Jeffrey Johnson  
Oakland Tribune, Sharon Ryan


Discovery Channel Feature
Lynette Jennings, Design  See the Feature

This is a full segment where Lynette Jennings is interviewing Ambrose and showcasing some of his work.  Ambrose educates Lynette regarding the hug Koa log that just arrived from Hawaii, rather unplanned.


Master craftsman

Print Media
Ambrose's Craft Showcased on the Cover of Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Recognition in Print and Television Media

Television Media
Michael Holigan of "Your new House" Television Show  See the Feature

Michael Holigan interviews Ambrose.  Ambrose talks about the difference between production and hand crafted furniture and goes into the design process involved in producing quality furniture that will last for generations in addition to hand rubbed oil finishing.


 "Contained in the medium of fine hardwoods is the essence of the environments in which they are grown. They seem to derive strength, beauty and character from a particular nutrient base of mineral, air and water. We do the same."

WOOD - The resource.

The woodworking path is an interesting one. I find myself constantly challenged by the tendency to seek shortcuts – because of increased orders, but the challenges only serve to drive me deeper into my commitment to maintain quality and integrity, which cannot be gained by merely speeding things up. I find my attention goes rather to the process of locating more beautiful and better quality woods rather than buying more machinery to process poor grades of wood. The impetus "to be creative" combined with practicality and simplicity of design is a recipe that seems most palatable to me. The furniture buying public seems to follow trends, and you can see the manifestations of these "tendencies" by looking in the Sunday paper and the Macy’s ads and Bargain Barney’s Basement Butcher Block Warehouse – it never fails. The manufacturers seem to trivialize and cheapen and somehow squeeze the very soul out of a good design just to make some quick profits from the unsuspecting public. The final resting-place of such pieces is usually a landfill and does not last to pass on to the next generation.

MY POINT IS THIS:  There are no substitutes for good taste and accurate renditions in furniture styling or for that matter in well executed joinery techniques. We strive to provide maximum quality in our wooden goods along with a most responsible use of the resource. Thank you for helping us to realize our dreams and the opportunity to continue providing the services that we love.